*insert title of blog!!!* (I’m going west again)

Yep, back to California. Well, not for another hour, my plane out of Boston has been delayed. Of to session three of AVI, this module is meditation and chanting. Two very different but very potent practices.

I didn’t bring my laptop this time so I’m typing this on my phone. Getting a good thumb workout in before I sit for 6 hours.

This time packing was very different. All I had to worry about was 12 days, not 6 months. So this time I brought a suitcase, ahhh…so much easier than a large backpack with a tent, a sleeping bag, and sneakers tied to the outside.

Nope, this time I could pack all the yoga clothes I wanted. Hopefully no one noticed last year that I was wearing the same two pairs of yoga pants for 12 days.ย This time I even had room for some face wash!

My planes’a been delayed another hour.

My thumbs are getting tired.

That’s all for now!


4 thoughts on “*insert title of blog!!!* (I’m going west again)

  1. I miss you already…………Cant wait to hear details of this session when you get home! Love, peace and good health to you! xoxo


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