I’m Disappearing!!!

I’ve been receiving some literal “hint hints” from people asking me to update. So here I am! Of course, it’s not going to be any beaches or big cities…

Over the last few weeks since I last wrote I’ve been taking a big break from life. I haven’t been teaching, gardening (too cold anyway), or doing much of anything that I normally do. Instead, I bought a guitar on Craigslist so I didn’t have to keep borrowing one to play, I read Life of Pi and Eat, Pray, Love (also watched the movies) and then very recently deleted my Facebook…or Face-crack as I like to call it.

I’ve been thinking about deleting Facebook since I graduated high school, so it’s been a long process. But after realizing how much space it took up in my brain, I decided to get rid of it. That’s not the only reason, I have a long list, so I won’t go into all of them, but I’ll touch on a few.

The first one is what I just mentioned; the brain space issue. I posted every once in a while on Facebook and following a post I could barely think about anything else.

“I wonder how many people are going to see/like my post”

“Maybe I should log onto Facebook and check to see”

“Is my post funny/interesting/cool enough?”

“Should I just go ahead and delete it?”


That seemed to be the sad progression. The anticipation would almost paralyze me.

Another reason is photos. Oh photos. Every time someone would take a nice photo of me I’d think…

“Facebook profile picture!!!!!!”

Or I would just take pictures so I could post them. Facebook is so good at turning you into a narcissist.

The last reason is just the sheer amount of SHIT to scroll through. I swear, for every one good/useful/interesting story you’ve got to sort through 10 cat videos.

So for now, I’ve decided to become a little more mysterious and disappear from Facebook and enjoy my life without worrying about photos and posts and who’s got the most likes and…

You get the idea.

It also means that my yoga page is gone, so flyers it is for advertising! And I’m going to have to cross out the link to my yoga Facebook page that is on the 500 business cards I ordered months ago 🙂


6 thoughts on “I’m Disappearing!!!

  1. Amen to that! I admit, I do have a FB page but it’s strictly used to get alerts from the businesses that I support. Yoga studios and breweries mostly! (I found that I was missing so many events because sadly, many small companies rely on FB to be the bulk of their advertising.) I use an anonymous profile name linked to a barely used gmail account. I haven’t got a single friend connected to the account. There is definitely a freedom to not being on FB and I understand exactly where you are coming from. I do get a lot of slack from family and friends because I don’t use FB (even my 80 year old Mom) but I’m totally okay with that. We have to stay true to ourselves. I’ve said it before sweets, you are years ahead of your time!

    I hope your time at home has been healing. Sometimes our physical self demands that we slow down so that we can take the time to nourish our souls and recharge completely. Continue to feel better and when you spread your wings once again to fly West, know we are all with you in spirit.

    Happy Spring, Passover and Easter to you and the family.
    Hugs, Anne


    1. I like that idea, if I ever feel like I was to stay up to date with local companies, I’m going to copy you 🙂
      Thank you so much Anne, I hope we can connect the families together soon, we miss you!
      Happy everything back to you as well!



  2. My reply is to my deeply spiritual granddaughter lea and to another woman I admire and respect anne both who have meaningful journeys ahead in their long lives. Love always!


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