Stuff, Everywhere!!

I have so much stuff. I knew this was going to happen. I was going to get home after getting used to living out of a few bags-which is really all I need-to find that my room is just a space for stuff to accumulate. I know it’s not spring yet but I have that spring cleaning urge to rip through my room and donate some things. I always feel much better after I do a good cleaning out, I swear that stuff takes up space in my brain, and I aways feel much clearer when it’s gone.

I meant to write another post in between my last one and getting home, but the internet was spotty and I haven’t been feeling my best, so it wasn’t my first priority. Since my parents had their own road trip planned before I hopped on the bandwagon demanding to be carted home (just kidding…sort of) I tagged along on all of the adventures. Which took us back through some places we’ve visited in past road trips; San Lois Obispo, Ca, Sedona, AZ, Sanibel Island, FL. We also added some new stops; Austin, TX, and even though we’ve been to Fairhope, AL before, we went to a slightly different location to visit my aunt and uncle at their new place. It’s a beautiful farm house with rows upon rows of pecan trees and grape vines. I was feeling particularly terrible during my stay there and I felt bad because I spent most of the time on their couch. But I did get to drive their mule around the farm, and it was good to see my aunt and uncle and leave with bags of pecans.

Austin, TX has been a city I’ve wanted to visit for a while. I’ve been to other parts of Texas and have never been t0o impressed. Lots of flat, wide open spaces and yes, tumbleweed. Austin is a little liberal pocket with great food, and due to Austin City Limits, great music too. Austin is also home to Barton Springs Park; a park with a huge, spring fed natural swimming pool. It stays 68 degrees all year round and many people go there to train for triathlons. We went there ever morning before setting off on adventures through the city, which included long bike rides along the Colorado River and sampling delicious food.

This was after a stop in Sedona, AZ, a beautiful place that I was happy to return to. It’s quite a spiritual epicenter as well, the Native Americans didn’t actually live directly in Sedona, near the energy vortexes, because they revered these areas and honored them as gods. Said vortexes (not vortices) are scattered around Sedona and are described as swirling areas of strong energy, either enhancing female, male or balancing the energies. The trees surrounding these vortexes are twisted, showing just how strong these sacred places are. We visited three of them and I felt the differences of each. One made me feel very grounded and stable, the other made me feel light and free, and the other brought a sense of balance.

Some great (and hilarious) people right here, folks
Twisted trees!

The scenery in Sedona is breathtaking, it’s very humbling due to it’s immensity. I was very happy to be back and felt revived when we left the town and headed on.

Sanibel Island was our last (but not least) stop. We met my brother Sam and his girlfriend Abey and spent about 5 days with them. They drove down in their mini camper van on their first road trip together. My brother bought the van for a pretty good price, ripped out the back seats and build a bed. It’s a pretty sweet rig, I’m hoping he will let me borrow it sometime in the near future 🙂 Sanibel is your basic tropical island with lots of good seafood and old, white people milling around in pastel colored shorts.

But now, in a matter of a few weeks, my plans did a total 180 and now I’m home again to recoup, before heading out again this spring for another training. I’m happy to be back in Maine, though, I am still quite tired and need to just chill out and reground myself. Simon comes home from school tomorrow for a week, so the timing couldn’t have been better, and I’ve got some great job opportunities with yoga coming up (more on that later). So, like I said in my last post, I will continue to write, because that is what I love to do. Instead of writing about my navigations up and down the west coast, I will be navigating the inner workings of my brain and some observations of the world around me. I might even post some more of my writing pieces that I wrote during my travels. I guess I can write about anything, so here goes.


Brace yourselves.



4 thoughts on “Stuff, Everywhere!!

  1. Dear Leah.
    It sounds like you are home.I know you are enjoying your grandma and brownies, though not so much all that stuff !
    Please let your parents know we found a house in Solana Beach and hope you will all visit!
    We will be in N.H. 8/18 to 8/25.Hope to see you then!
    Norma and Guillermo


  2. Hi Lea, it was so wonderful to see you and your Mom and Dad!!!!! Love their picture😆:) What a brave, extended adventure you embarked upon!!! An adventure that required you to be focused and pushed your boundaries, without many opportunities to recharge. So impressed with your independence, perseverance, not to mention your writing skills.

    I wanted to respond to one of your previous posts, but considering you are catching up on some much needed rest this may still be an appropriate time to comment. You talked about (profoundly) observing our thoughts and emotions with out attaching to them. That we can be the observer of our thoughts (thoughts that usually come from the ego,- fear, worry, anger, etc). That there is a place inside us (think infant) that is our true self. That we may have a chance of creating a new consciousness from this place of observing. Lea, you are decades ahead of where I was at your age…..oops, let me observe that thought and instead here’s two high fivers😜!!

    Hope you have a great time with Simon- now that’s a natural remedy for healing:))) So excited that we might all be together for Austin and Whitney’s wedding!!!!

    Braced and can’t wait for your next entry. LOVE YA❤️😘,


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