*start here* I Never Thought I’d…

*Before I launch into my adventures I am sad to say that I had a technical “hiccup” and unintentionally deleted all of the photos off of the first 8 posts I have written. I hope you’ve all gotten a chance to see them as they’ve been published, if not, feel free to contact me and I’ll send you some photos*

…create a blog. But it’s the last week that I’ll be in Maine until May, so I’ve been scrambling to say bye to friends, family, animals, jobs, my sanity… One friend asked if I’d be writing a blog while I travel. The first thought that popped into my head was absolutelyyyyy not. But it’s 3 hours later and I’m writing my first blog post, I have no idea what happened in those hours but here I am.
I suppose I should fill you in? I’m currently studying yoga therapy with the American Viniyoga Institute, my trainings are located in California. Sound good already? I have 6 months in between each training session, the farm I work for is wrapping up for the season, and I teach my last yoga class this Thursday. See where I’m going with this? The only logical answer for how to spend this atrocious amount of free time is to use the hell out if it.


I’m off to the golden coast to explore. If that sounds interesting, or something…stay tuned. It might even get more interesting.

If we’ve never met, here are some random facts to help acquaint yourself with me:


  • I’m 21
  • I live in Maine where we dress strictly in flannels and drink Moxie 24/7 (maybe not a fact…?)
  • I teach yoga, farm, garden and a host of other odd jobs (I even scraped snow off someones roof… just call me the odd job lady)
  • My friends and family call me Bird
  • I drive a 2004 golden Toyota Camry that I call the golden egg (that’s another thing I gotta say bye to)
  • I enjoy good food
  • Good company too
  • I like to write and share what I’ve done (which is probably why I had a complete turnaround in a matter of 3 hours. What better way to get my writing out there? Share it with a bunch of strangers!!!)
  • I like to write with early nineties hip hop in the background

Hopefully you now have a better sense of who I am…maybe?

Until next time…



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